17 Cool Dog Gadgets to Keep Your Dog Clean Healthy and Happy

Taking care of a dog is such a headache for the dog owner. While dogs are lovely and obedient pets they also need extra caring and grooming. For busy people, they want it fast and easy to save their time and energy on the grooming of their beloved pet.

Therefore, with the passage of time, technology develops, and the gadget market has plenty of tools to keep your dog happy and healthy.

So, these are 18 cool dog gadgets to make your life easy while making your doggie clean and wonderfully happy. 

1 - Painless Nail Clipper

One of the most hectic things about having a pet, precisely a dog is trimming their nails. Especially, if you have dogs like a German shepherd or any large dog, there can be a chance, you do it wrong, and they might bite in the process.

However, with the premium painless nail clipper, you can trim your dog's nail like a pro. It is an electric tool, which gently cuts down the nails without any problem.  Not only this, this tool is foolproof from hurting any pet, either cat or dog. It is available for every kind and every size dog at such an affordable price. The main feature of this tool is its emery filing wheel, which is the core of the tool and helps to remove the nail. Click Here to Buy 


2 - Portable Drinking Water Bottle

Portable Drinking Water Bottle

You are not bound to remain at home and neither is your dog. Then, what do you do when your dog gets thirsty during your adventure. Throw out your typical bottle of water, because this cool gadget is the best for adventures of a dog lover. This Bottle Doggy Portable Drinking Water Bottle is specifically designed for making it super easy for a dog to drink water on the go.

The lower part of the bottle is like a normal bottle, but the upper part has an attached bowl. Whenever your dog is needing a drink, push the lower part, and your dog will be done in minutes. This portable bottle can carry 20 ounces of water and has a slinging strip of Velcro. You can easily carry it anywhere while attaching it to your bike or your hand. Click Here to Buy

3 - Beautiful Shark Pet Bed

Beautiful Shark Pet Bed

You have a huge shark in your room; you approach it with fear and boom, your dog will come out from it. This amazing gadget is the perfect home-bed for your lovely little dog. They can play within it and take a nap, whenever they get tired. This bed is designed with the cushioning charm to provide as much comfort to your dog as possible.

The filling of cushions is suede to provide a soft feeling comfort. The bottom of the bed is made up with the non-slippery material to make sure it stays in one place. Most importantly, this shark bed can also compliment the décor of your room. Click Here to Buy

4 - Pet Travel Car Window Mesh

Pet Travel Car Window Mesh

While traveling anywhere in the car with your pet, there is a huge risk that your dog will jump out from the window carelessly. Dogs are debonair animals, and they love adventure and travel towards other places as well as the scene of the outside. While watching outside and feeling a cool breeze, they can fall or worst their head can get injured by hitting anything in the process.

To avoid any risk, you should check this cool dog gadget out. This is made up of polypropylene to provide a fake window over the window of your car. With the size of 9.4" high and .39" thick, it can keep your dog within the car while he or she still enjoys the outside breeze and view. Click Here to Buy

5 - Adorable Dog Booties

Adorable Dog Booties

Our beloved dogs like to run, and we also worry about their safety against the elements as well as rocky paths. However, with these adorable dog booties, you don't need to worry. These cute booties are not just for show, but also provide a great comfort due to their interior faux fur material.

The outer layer of these booties are made up of a nylon material, which keeps away water and other elements from the precious paws of your dog. Strings are attached to each of the booties, which make them easily adjustable for every size dog. Now, it is time to adore your dog with these cute booties. Click Here to Buy

6 - Pet Selfie Stick

Britedoggie Pet Selfie Stick

A great picture of you with your beloved dog is a rare treat. Especially, if you want to take a selfie, it will be a little hectic to keep your hyperactive doggie to stay in one place.

With the Pet Selfie Stick, you can take the perfect selfie of your dog and you. You need to place any toy on the edge of the pet selfie stick, and it will attract the attention of your dog. Just take a memorable shot without distracting your dog in the process. Isn't it a cool dog gadget? Click Here to Buy

7 - Long Handle Pooper Scooper

Long Handle Pooper Scooper

You are walking in your lawn, and your dog is needing to poop and what will you do when he is done? Instead of cleaning your grass surface manually, get this Dog Long-Handle Pooper Scooper to make your life easier. It is made up of plastic and perfects the scoop of poop without getting your hand dirty. With the handle being 24 inches, you will not need to bend down, finish the chore while standing in place. This cool dog gadget is also portable. Click Here to Buy

8 - Machiko Dog Hats

Machiko Dog Hats

There is another cool gadget to protect your dog from the harmful ultraviolet rays while going outside. This Custom Made Machiko dog hats do not only protect but are stylish enough to show the world your dog's sense of fashion. Most importantly, you can order as per the size of your dog without worrying about if it will fit your dog or not. Click Here to Buy

9 - Doggy Jumbo Ball

Doggy Jumbo Ball

Do not be fooled by the look of this ball. This dog gadget looks like a small tennis ball, but it is called doggie jumbo ball due to its size of 9.5 inches. They are accurately designed to give dogs maximum joy while playing with them. Not only this, they are made up of the same stuff as a basketball to provide amazing durability to the ball. So, it is a onetime deal to provide the best fun for your dog. Click Here to Buy

10 - Outdoor Dog Backpack

Outdoor Dog Backpack

Britedoggie Outdoor Dog Backpack is sure to be the best friend for an adventure lover. Now, you do not need to worry about carrying numbers of items with you to take care of your dog. With this gadget, you can make them carry their burden without loading extra burden on them. The bags are made up of high-quality material to ensure its durability without making it heavy. They are easy to carry and provide enough safety to your dog while hiking or doing other adventures. Click Here to Buy

11 - Dog Safety Gate

Dog Safety Gate

Your major concern about your dog is his or her safety. With this Britedoggie dog safety Gate, you can rest easy without going to the length of installing a real gate. This lattice gate is made up of mesh of woven nylon. Once you unfold the packet, starch it through the twin poles on each side and adjust the four sticky hooks. This is an easy method to install this gate anywhere you want to place it and protect your dog in such an affordable price. Click Here to Buy

12 - Transparent Dog Raincoat

Transparent Dog Raincoat

Every fashionable dog is in need of stylish dresses and accessories, and this transparent dog raincoat is perfect for this purpose. While being stylish, it is best for protecting your dog from the rain, water and dust during any weather.

The edges of this raincoat are decorated with either white, green or scarlet gold. However, the overall raincoat is completely transparent to show off the real cuteness of your dog. So, keep your dog clean and stylish, check this gadget out. Click Here to Buy

13 - Lion Mane Wig for Dogs

Lion Mane Wig for Dogs

What’s the main difference between dog and lion? The mane of the lion? However, pun aside, this lion mane wig for Dogs is the favorite of every person who has a great sense of humor as well as a nice dog to show off. Just put this fluffy and comfortable wig around the head of your dog and transform him or her into a ferocious beast.

This is the best accessories to carry your dog around and dress up or for a fancy dress party. Your dog will be elated to have this attire as well as the attention of party mongers. Go and bring some changes to your canine with this lion wig. Click Here to Buy

14 - Britedoggie Icy Collar

Britedoggie Icy Collar

Hot weather can leave you sweltering in the heat, then what about your doggie who loves to play outside despite the hot weather? This icy collar of BriteDoggie brings the best solution to this problem. This icy collar provides enough coolness whether your dog is outside or inside. The mechanism of this collar works with a cooling gel inside the collar, which helps your pet keep his or her body temperature cool. It absorbs the heat of the dog's body and transforms it like a miracle cooling effect. Not only this, it does not need any freezing in a refrigerator but only cool water. Also it has the right material to clean it easily. Click Here to Buy

15 - Pet Hose Scrubber

Pet Hose Scrubber

Now it is time to change the trend of bathing your pet. One of the great hectic moments of having a pet is to give them a bath. Pet Hose Scrubber is the multipurpose hose, which does not only shower your pet but also provides the facilities of rubbing and scrubbing your dog until it gets clean. The rubber scrubber is made with the material, which is soft enough to clean your pet gently.

Not only this, you need to attach one part with the hose and other part within the palm of your hand. Just give a brief shower to your pet without worrying about losing the control of your pet with this pet hose scrubber. Click Here to Buy

16 - Pet Grooming Gloves

Pet Grooming Gloves

Scrubbing and combing your beloved pet’s hair is a difficult task because they usually run away from this task due to their disinterest. Now, it is time to change the gadget of combing and shedding the hairs of your canine and give them a gentle and soothing massage with these pet grooming gloves. 

This pair of gloves is designed in a custom way to fit you perfectly and provide great comfort to your pet. You can easily scrub with the bristle part of the palm of the gloves, they will feel a soothing massage during the process, and you will be done with your task without having any problem. Doesn't this sound good to you? Click Here to Buy

17 - Portable Pet Hair Vacuum

Portable Pet Hair Vacuum

Now comes the best dog gadget to use it with multiple purposes. This portable pet hair vacuum is not a typical vacuum. Instead, it is invented in a way to clean out your dog from any dust, mess, and excessive hairs.

It means no need to give your messy dogs a long bath and comb their hair for hours to get rid of unnecessary tangles. You need to use this vacuum over the body of your beloved dog, and they will feel the cooling breeze on their body. The rubber head of this vacuum also helps you to massage your doggie while cleaning and grooming them. So, whenever your dog needs to get rid of mess and a pile of dead hairs on them, use this useful tool on them and you will be done within a matter of a few minutes. Click Here to Buy

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